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(By Nomination Only)

In November 2021 the North East Leaders Connect (NELC), formerly Young Leaders Connect marked its 10th year Anniversary with the adoption of the ‘Tawang Declaration’. Through the Declaration, the Governing Council members affirmed to act as a catalyst for the promotion of a vibrant and robust economy, good governance, sustaining the ecology, and preserving the cultural identity by engaging young leaders and achievers of the North-East Region of India. 

The declaration recognizes that the youth are the future of the region and the country and it set up a roadmap for the NELC network to bring together young minds and leaders, to network, be mentored and collaborate towards building a vibrant, dynamic and cohesive Northeast.

The declaration highlights the tremendous natural beauty and geo-strategic importance endowed to North East India. It equally celebrates and acknowledges the region’s inherent potential particularly in the fields of tourism, organic agriculture, horticulture, food processing, handicrafts, music, sports and IT enabled services. The declaration further emphasizes on the importance of harnessing  the region’s abundant natural resources in a sustainable and scientific manner, while keeping the local ecology in mind. Achieving this goal will ensure a stronger, resilient and progressive India.

In November 2021, the Governing Council of North East Leaders Connect publicly adopted this declaration, specifically to give effect to this vision and to integrate the contents in all the future programs of NELC.


For emerging young leaders of the North-East Region of India. 
Mentorship, networking and a platform to exchange ideas & collaborate.

NELC recognizes the need to invest in the emerging generation of young leaders for the growth and development of the North East Region of India. In line with this vision, the ‘North East Leaders Connect – Associate Members’ was launched in 2022 to mentor committed  young leaders of the region. 

NELC Associate members will be nominated by the Governing Council Members. The main objective of the NELC Associate members is mentorship, collaboration and innovation to drive solutions for the region. Dedicated young leaders and professionals from North East India will be invited to join NELC as Associate members. They will be provided an unparalleled opportunity to be mentored by leaders of the region, network with professionals from across the country and a platform to exchange ideas and collaborate. This will be a two-year membership, designed to enhance leadership skills, develop professional networks, gain knowledge and gain a wider exposure and understanding of North East India.

This first cohort will bring together 18 young professionals and leaders, noted for their contribution and the potential to lead in the fields such as politics, art & culture, business, education, environment, sports, academia, government, technology, development, health and more. 

The NELC Governing Council intentionally seeks exceptional leaders who reflect the rich diversity of North East India. 

NELC Associate Members will remain in their occupations throughout the program while contributing to the vision and mission of the organization.

NELC Associate Members: Nomination Criteria

  • Have demonstrated a record of achievement and evidence of impact in their field 
  • Demonstrated commitment to serve the society, desire to learn and in good public standing
  • Having the potential to make a significant future contribution in the region, country and in their chosen field through increased levels of leadership
  • Be a committed, respected and inspiring young leader from one of the states of India’s North East Region (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim). 
  • Between 28- 38 years of age by the time of selection 
  • Be available to commit a few hours every month and participate in NELC meetings and events starting with the NELC Annual Conclave 2022 scheduled later this year. 
  • Should be of North East India origin.

NELC Associate Members: The Experience

  • Bring personal experiences, professional knowledge and generation’s perspective to NELC 
  • Participate in closed door meetings and engage on the themes and sub themes under NELC focus areas – Youth, Governance, Ecology, Economy, Art & Culture
  • Attend gatherings initiated by the NELC Governing Council Board members among other exclusive invitations.
  • Ideate, plan and organize initiatives on NELC focus areas.


12th April, 2022 :

Nominations open for the first cohort of NELC Associate Members

12th March – 10th June 2022 :

Governing Council Members identify potential NELC Associate Members

Interested candidates submit the Application Form

10th June, 2022 :

Deadline to submit the interest form by all nominees 

11th – 14th June :

Shortlisted candidates interviewed by the NELC Executive  Committee

15th June 2022 :

NELC Associate Members Names Announced 

Thank you for your interest in NELC.

The Associate members nominations are now closed.

You can read about the shortlisted NELC Associate members here.

NELC Associate Members: Application of Interest 2022