Connect, Exchange and Strengthen

Who we are

The North East Leaders Connect (NELC) is a dynamic community and network of like-minded leaders and achievers from North-East India. The members include policymakers, business innovators, journalists, social entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare experts, sports personalities, development practitioners and more.

With a vision to act as a catalyst for the promotion of a vibrant and robust economy, good governance, sustaining the ecology, and preserving our cultural identity, North-East Leaders Connect brings together various young minds and leaders to network, be mentored and collaborate towards building a vibrant, dynamic and cohesive North East.

NELC seeks to develop greater awareness and understanding essentially through, ‘Connect’ ‘Exchange” and ‘Strengthening’ of issues that affect political, social, and economic development of our country vis-à-vis the North-East. Formerly known as Leaders Connect, the organization was initiated in 2011. 

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